Saturday, October 19, 2013

Profitable key phrases

Profitable Key phrases

This article explains the importance of selecting the correct keywords.

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If you target the wrong key phrases you might as well give up and go home now......

Keywords are the first thing you need to consider when approaching the subject of internet marketing and search engine optimisation and if not properly selected will loose you copious amounts of targeted traffic.

I would hazard a guess that probably 99% of websites are not targeting the keywords that would be most profitable for them and so are losing thousands if not hundreds of thousands of pounds by ignoring this important part of Search Engine Optimisation.

Most businesses when asked So how did you decide on the keywords you wanted to target will say one of the following two:

1.They are the keywords my competitors use so I used them.
2.Well it obvious they are the keywords I should use isnt it.

Do these comments sound familiar to you? To 99% of you they will and if thats the case then you need to read on.

Keyword selection is an easy process but many people overlook it and target keywords that they would e


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